Everything about art interests me, from its simplest to its more complex forms. I like to explore, experiment, and create with various media as well as with practically everything that I have at my disposal. The process [of art making] is very important to me.

I enjoy making and creating; I am a formalist, in the sense that, simply put, I find pleasure in producing a painting [and] taking the time to create an image. My use of materials, momentum, drive, and intuition guide my gestures. I am always find myself astonished by, and delighted with what I am able to create. Expressing my my inner self, my hand and gestures bring me into contact with my subconscious. [My artistic approach] is [intertwined with] the relationship with my own existence, [my own self]. 

Before executing a painting, I determine what I wish to create, and then challenge myself to reach my [artistic and expressive] goal(s). I allow randomness and “accidents” to guide my gestures, which I then incorporate in my work.

Imagination, a sense of personal fulfilment, the audacity of novelty and surpassing myself, as well as the process [of creating] are fondamental to my artistic creativity. 

I paint to enjoy myself as well as to please others. I take pleasure in receiving commissions with specific requests, such as portraits, special formats, etc.

I am very versatile. 

Learning to see is within reach for all. Art is everywhere. What would our world be without colour or design?

Art is my very own space of freedom, a space in which I accept imperfection, and where gesture holds an important role… I enjoy exploring constantly, allowing my subconscious to guide my creativity.  I paint as often as I can ! 

Around 1983, I made my debut as a self-taught painter, before receiving a diploma in studio art from the Université du Québec à Montréal. I then attended numerous courses offered by various Québecois, Canadian, and American teachers, [most of whom are prominent artists].  They allowed me to grow [as an artist] through a variety of experiences, in a series of stages. Each one of these artists offered me a different “colour”.

I studied with numerous artists, including: Gisèle Lavallée, Joanna Nash, Kay Aubanel, Olivier Toupin, Manon Pilotte, Lise Nantel, Léon Perreault, Bill Vazan, Joseph Pascalet, Roland Palmaerts, Brian Atyeo, Christopher Shink, Don Andrews, Alex Powers, Katerine Liu, Jacques Hébert, Yolaine Lefebvre, Lucie Michel and Melanie Matthews.

Taking pleasure in learning, I believe that I will keep taking part in creative workshops for they foster beautiful encounters, while bringing me new perspective on my artistic production. Learning is such a delightful richness ! 

Ever since 1977, I had a fascinating, yet rigorous career [in education]. For more than thirty years, I held full-time teaching positions in preschool, middle school, high school, and continuing education, in Montreal and on the South Shore. Also, I have been teaching studio art since 1983. 

I took part in two solo exhibitions at the C.L.S.C. Samuel-de-Champlain and Hall des arts at the City Hall of Brossard [AJOUTER ANNEES + PLUS D’INFO SUR LES EXPO ICI — theme/titre/dates, etc]. I also participated in group exhibitions in various public sites (libraries, restaurants, syndicat des enseignants de l’Ouest de Montréal, salons d’arts visuels de Brossard, and contemporary art museums and galleries across Montreal). Moreover, I am one of the founding members of the 1st Salon des arts visuels de Brossard's organizing committee. 

My interests are diverse and comprise: communication, expression, empowerment through culture, family, education, dance, music, poetry, reading, writing, travelling, … while trying to seize the day.

Creativity… a unique moment’s… magic !