To each their gaze...


When we gaze at an image, we perceive it in our own way… The gaze is more than the eyes’ movement toward an object, it is one’s ability to interpret what she sees, what she perceives…

The gaze is an important medium which enables communication. 

All of us react in terms of who we are, our taste, values, and interests, which is quite the order of things.

The gaze of another person is important and, yet, it should not alter the artist’s creative momentum. 

We can like or dislike, it is the freedom we possess; but to say that an art piece or anything  “is not beautiful,” does not seem right. Disliking what I see does not make it ugly… for if I dislike it, someone else might find beauty in it. Does this person have bad taste since she is not thinking as I think?  Not at all… to each their own gaze ! Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.